In the last 45 years the company Nuova SOSMA has gained a wide experience in the production of road tankers and tanks, so that we are able to meet all the needs of our clients in this sector. Thanks to our artisan productive structure characterized by a high levels of flexibility, we are able to produce both standard and "custom-made" products.

Nuova SOSMA produces road tankers passing the tests according to the laws in force.

A list of our most important products follows:
Road tankers for transport of all different classes of dangerous materials, A.D.R. certified both for gravity discharge of inflammable fluids and pressure discharge of chemical substances;
Tank trucks for transportation of not-alimentary and not-dangerous liquids ;
· Road tankers for temperature controlled transport of goods (ATP);
· Road tankers with supply measuring system (liters counter), pump and pipe winder;
Road tanker with heat insulation (tank lining) offering the possibility to control heating through an indipendent burner called "WEBASTO".

The Nuova SOSMA offers the following services for ready road tankers as well:
· Repairing;
· Modifications (lenghtening, shortening etc..);
· Lining addition;
· Addition of liters counter, pump and pipe winder;
· Installation on a different vehicle followed by a new test;
· Tests on the premises every three or six years;
· Installation of accident-prevention protections according to the laws in force.